Biosecurity Plans & Regulations

Biosecurity plans guide management decisions for preventing, detecting, and rapidly responding to the introduction of invasive alien species. Site location, land ownership, likely invasive species' introduction pathways and native species at risk will influence recommendations in the plan, however overarching biosecurity principles are often common between regions. This library contains biosecurity plans for sites around the world and can assist managers in writing or updating plans for their own region . Click the images below to learn about the California Islands Biosecurity program and read about biosecurity for other ecological management areas. Please e-mail  if you would like to suggest additional biosecurity plans and related documents to be featured on this page. 

California Islands Biosecurity Program (2013)

Inv Sp Prevention for Papahanaumokuakea.PNG

Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

Santa Cruz Island (2017)

Palmyra Atoll (2010)

San Nicolas Island (2012)

Rangitoto/Motutapu Biosecurity Plan (2010)

biosecurity hand-outs

Click the images below to learn about what you can do to protect the California Islands from invasive species introductions. If you are visiting the islands with a group, please print and distribute these handouts to your group members before leaving the mainland. 

Channel Islands National Park Biosecurity Regulations (2017)

New Zealand Mud Snail Prevention Protocol (2017)

Invasive Weed Seed Prevention Protocol (2017)

Biosecurity in Contracts

Inserting biosecurity regulations in contracts and agreements protects native species and clarifies rules for contractors and partners in ecological areas. Click the image below to read biosecurity language that the Channel Islands National Park inserts into contracts and agreements.

Similarly, Naval Base Ventura County provides biosecurity regulations to all of its contractors who will be conducting work on San Nicolas Island, CA. Click the image below to read the document that is distributed to all contracting parties.        


Naval Base Ventura County Instruction - signed by NBVC Commanding Officer (2014)

TNC Hawaii's Gear Sanitation Protocols (2004)

Prevention of Alien Species Introduction Protocol for The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii (1992)

Special Conditions and Rules for Moving Between Islands/Atolls and Packing for Field Camps (2018)

Marine alien sp inspections for maritime vessels.PNG

Marine Alien Species Prevention Standards for Maritime Vessels (2014)