New Species of Bat Found on Santa Cruz Island

During Dr. Pat Brown's mist netting surveys on Santa Cruz Island's central valley in July 2017, she captured Yuma myotis, a new species record for the island. She also captured Yumas near Stanton Ranch at Prisoners, including a post-lactating female and a male roosting in the barn. Catalina is the only other of the Channel Islands that this species has been verified on. 

Also of note, she captured juvenile red bats on 2 nights over the stream near Stanton Ranch, which added another new breeding record for Santa Cruz Island.

Yuma Myotis.jpg

Stinkweed discovered at Point Mugu

October 27, 2016. Several small populations of Stinkweed were detected on Naval Base Ventura County Point Mugu in the old Public Works yard. This invasive plant had not been spotted since 2011, when Greg Omori found it on Mugu. There are no other reports of this species in Ventura County, but occurs along the coast in San Diego and has been recorded once in Los Angeles County, as far as Southern California goes. Spreading through soil and gravel, this species is mostly found in disturbed areas, roadsides, sandy/gravelly lots, or other heavily constructed areas. 

New species of termites brought to San Nicolas Island

October 16, 2016. Termite-infested wood pallets were discovered by the San Nicolas Island biologist after they had been transported to San Nicolas Island. This was a species not known to San Nicolas Island. The pallets were transported through the island via an aircraft that departed from Point Mugu, but is unknown if the pallets were provided by the Navy or if they came from the sales point of origin. Two of the three pallets were infected, and all three were burned immediately after discovery of the termites, as suggested by experts. This sighting emphasizes the importance of cargo inspections for biosecurity threats.


Sahara Mustard Introduced at Remote Camp Sites

Sahara Mustard Introduced at Remote Camp Sites

For the second year we've discovered Sahara Mustard Plants at the camp site area of Christy Ranch, Santa Cruz Island.  It is likely that a researcher, student or restoration specialist brought mustard seeds to this spot in their tent or other gear, resulting in an annual population of the plant  A sustained control and eradication effort will be in effect for many years to come. This is a good reminder to thoroughly check your gear before bringing it to the island.