The California Islands Biosecurity Program

A collaboration to protect the unique species and natural resources of the California Islands, the California Islands Biosecurity Working Group is comprised of entities dedicated to conserving the natural and historic character of the islands.

Over recent decades, these agencies, organizations and their partners have made substantial investments in the removal of ecologically harmful non-native species, like feral pigs and sheep. To protect the conservation gains from those investments, it is critical to ensure that new species do not invade the islands.

Dedicated funding and resources are necessary to implement a comprehensive biosecurity program, which includes education of island users, prevention of new invasions, early detection of new incursions, and strategies for effective rapid response to arrest their spread.

Working group meetings are held quarterly at the Ventura offices of The Nature Conservancy.

Program Background (PDF)

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Trail cameras are used to detect invasive species incursions, before an invasion becomes too widespread. Although no new invasive species have been detected, the camera shots below provide interesting photos of native wildlife.