Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for this contest! We had over 90 entries of exceptional photos and it was difficult to choose winners for each category. We would like to give special acknowledgement to J.A. Soriano for being the winner of the poster category with his amazing shot of a Laysan Albatross on Guadalupe Island.

                                                                            ~Symposium Planning Committee

Poster Category:


1st:  Title: Laysan Albatross Nesting, Guadalupe Island

        Credit© GECI Archive / J.A. Soriano


 2nd: Title: Lighthouse, Anacapa Island

        Credit: Tim Hauf


 3rd: Title: Sealion, Santa Cruz Island

        Credit: Jaime McClain


Student Image Category:

1st:  Title: Sunset Meets Fog Monster, Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands

        CreditSophia Pinter


People and Islands Category:

1st:  Title: Artisanal abalone fishery, Asunción Island

        Credit© GECI Archive / J.A. Soriano


2nd: Title: Netting Under the Milky Way, Santa Barbara Island

        Credit: Andrew Yamagiwa

3rd: Title: Pelagophycus pora Forest, Santa Cruz Island

        Credit: Brett Seymour


Marine Category:

1st:  Title: Harbor Seal, Santa Cruz Island

        Credit: Dan Harding


2nd: Title: Underwater Landscape, Santa Cruz Island

        Credit: Susanna Pershern


3rd: Title: Spiral of Life, Santa Cruz Island

        Credit: Cindy Shaw


 Terrestrial Landscape Category:

1st:  Title: Treasure Island, San Miguel Island

        Credit: Morgan Ball


2nd: Title: Montanon Ridge, Santa Cruz Island

        Credit: Dan Holmes


3rd: Title: Anacapa Star Trails, Anacapa Island

        Credit: Dan Harding


 Terrestrial Wildlife Category:

1st:  Title: An Endemic Moment, San Miguel Island

        Credit: Morgan Ball


2nd: Title: Running Fox, San Clemente Island

        Credit: Andrew Bridges


3rd: Title: Pigeon Guillemot Pair, Anacapa Island

        Credit: David M. Pereksta